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Concrete Contractor & Brick Paver Naperville, IL

Concrete Contracting Naperville, IL

One of the main services we provide in Naperville is concrete contracting for driveways, patios, sidewalks, and room additions. Our employees consist of work crews, estimators, and project managers that have the training and equipment to handle any concrete project.

driveWe begin all of our concrete projects with a free estimate and then pass the job off to a project manager who is responsible for overseeing the project from start to completion. The project manager supervises all aspects of the project including the scheduling, material specifications, fabrication, installation, and managing of the work crew. Our customers can always reach our project managers to express their questions and concerns.

Brick Paving Naperville, IL

We are an authorized UNILOCK Installer. To see the possibilities, visit their site www.unilock.com

paveDressler-Block Concrete also provides brick paving services to Naperville as we are an authorized installer of Unilock products. Unilock is a manufacturer of high quality brick pavers that lock together to form a surface that is up to 2 to 4 times stronger than concrete surfaces. Their products include a range of different paver types in a variety of patterns and colors to create truly unique surfaces. We carry and install designer pavers, tumbled pavers, environmental pavers, industrial pavers, and standard pavers to build walkways, patios, driveways, and garden or retaining walls. Our brick paving projects follow the same protocol as our concrete projects.


Quality Guarantee

We are often referred by the City of Naperville for concrete and brick paving work and we are fully credited by the BBB. Each of our services includes a free on-site estimate and we are dedicated to providing unique, visually appealing results using our specialized equipment. Contact us to get started on you next concrete or brick paving project in Naperville today.

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